Ubuntu is the Best OS

First. Ubuntu is GNU/Linux operating system. All those who jealous, please hold your peace. Ubuntu pushes forward the same thing that you do. It’s in a user experience, stupid.

Second. Ubuntu is made with usability in mind. All Debian zealots (who “translate” Ubuntu as “can’t install Debian”) are probably correct from technical standpoint. They just forget, that computer is a tool, and I (and many many many) other users do not use Ubuntu, or Debian or Gentoo. They use computer. Surfing the web. Reading email. Watching porn movies. These sorts of things. So we don’t actually care most of the time what operates our computer tool. That’s why many of us like Ubuntu.

Third. Ubuntu has a commercial support of involved vendor. This in turn means that there will be someone who will push it further while money is in the game. Given that Linux OSes came up greatly up until now without formal support of many distributions (except maybe Red Hat and Novell), another player is definitely a plus, even though Red Hat and Novell do not see it that way.

Forth. Ubuntu is about community. Everyone knows it by now. For such a project to be successful, it has to build a community around it. There was a basis for this community in the first place: Debian. But Debian folk missed the usability part. Ubuntu created a community which is fun to be in. This leads us to –

Fifth. Ubuntu is a successful business model. Take some niche but wanted and/or undeveloped area. Find negative aspects in existing offers. Make what other don’t. Eat them alive.

Sixth. Ubuntu is making it with a good planning and within the wishes of their users. Who said that I will always want open software? Yes, I’d prefer it to other one, but hey, first and foremost I want my tool to work. “No 3d drivers? You mean, not at all? Not even those non open source ones? No, thank you, I will use Ubuntu instead”.

Seventh. Ubuntu is doing it for every platform. Desktop. Server. Mobile. Internet Kiosks. Ubuntu is everywhere.


6 thoughts on “Ubuntu is the Best OS

  1. umanga says:

    Umm..ok..what u think about Ubuntu 8.04 …whats is it called,,,? Hardy rit?Its buggy like hell…
    you know that Ubuntu release there versions on Debian testing code base! So better change the topic as ‘Debian is the Best OS’

  2. govath says:

    Everyone knows that ubuntu is based in debian. 15th of augaust 2008 ubuntu was the best OS. Ubuntu 8.04 is also one of the best OS. Check ur drivers and maybe your installation.

  3. AndreyV says:


    Unfortunately, I can’t agree with you, cuz this separation in Ubuntu distros (desktop, server) set some limitations on its utilization, meanwhile, RedHat distros like RHEL5 and Fedora9 are more generic – they equally support Desktop and Server Apps – so you don’t have to choose the distro. Plus you’ve got CentOS if you don’t want to pay for RHEL.

    Ubuntu is great for the start, for the beginner users who’s just switched from Windows OS – it gives you a smooth transition from their platform.

    I don’t really want to bring out another “holly war” in OS comparisons or arguments like “vim vs emacs” – everything depends on the field of appliance for the operating system you choose

  4. govath says:

    I will agree with you cz now im working with Fedora 9 and centos . Ubuntu have friendly GUI for newbie users. and i agree with you , it depends what do u like more. For me are all the same ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. AndreyV says:

    This month I’ve been working in parallel with OS X, Ubuntu & Fedora, you can’t imagine what kind of mess you get by the end of the day, cuz all of the OS’es are Nix-like, but everyone of them got different way of compiling, like OS X got BSD apps with macports and weird way of directory structure. Ubuntu – apt-get thing and most of the software is renamed and replaced from the directories comparing with Fedora.
    Like OS X style in xterm: ” /opt/local/apache2″, Ubuntu way: “/var/www/apache2-default”, and Fedora way: “/var/www/html/”

    These thing are bloody killing me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. govath says:

    U telling me…? ๐Ÿ˜› im working on linux since 1998 and i’ve been all through this 100 times… every distros they working as they want. Now im warking in prime-tel as an IT technician and i’ve seen a lot of problems from all the OS. As i check ubuntu have less problems than any OS trust me ๐Ÿ˜›

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