Couldn’t run kstartupconfig

The basic problem of this error is that KDE can’t load kstartupconfig because of some configurations in Gnome effected the KDE .You can fix this error by

open konsole or gnome-terminal and write

  • chown username.username -R /home/username/
  • this changes the file owner and group and operate on files and directories recursively which allows you to start kde-desktop with the kstartupconfig

Thats all


5 thoughts on “Couldn’t run kstartupconfig

  1. MVLinux says:

    hey i have the same here but it’s don with the command that u typed above:
    chown username.username -R /home/username/

    after doing these command i fond nothing on my desktop !!
    my files !
    after reading and searshing i fund that my orignal home Pat. r not mounted !!!!
    so ofcorese i will find nothing
    so after thes command if fond ur desktop r clean make sure that ur desk top r mounted , if it’s not then mount it and go ahead 🙂

    thanx alot for help and advice …

  2. Govath says:

    Brotherred : Did you fixed it yet?

    Brotherred : Try the same command with ” chmod ” but i dont remember the exact command to do this let me some time to find out.


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