How to install .bin File in Linux

This type of files you can install the by using CHMOD command to convert it to executable:

chmod +x file.bin

And then  run the file  normally:


Type each command in the terminal or Konsole.


16 thoughts on “How to install .bin File in Linux

  1. Pedro says:

    Can a .bin game be installed in either windows and/or linux by the simple fact that it is a .bin file? Becouse binary is binary right? I just have to compile so it becomes a linux game. Or Am I totally bloody wrong?

    My very best regards.

  2. Govath says:

    Yes you can install it in Windows. If is windows game then you cant run it on linux OS but you can extract it only. Im sure that there are softwares that can be able to run Windows games etc. If my answer is not satisfy you then add me onother comment.


  3. sikandar says:

    hi…. i downloaded a RealPlayer for Linux … its in the .bin formate… i tried it installing by chmod +x file.bin and then ./file.bin but it doesnt work …. it gives error msg

    ./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    can anybuddy guide me what to do plz.

  4. andrey says:

    2 sikandar:

    Hey, man try this(if we’re talking about Ubuntu):

    1. sudo apt-get install libstdc++5
    2. then you make the realplayer binary file executable:
    sudo chmod +x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin
    3. then execute the binary:
    4. when prompted, choose this install location and press enter to accept rest of defaults:
    5. refresh the gnome panel to have realplayer appear:
    sudo killall gnome-panel

    If you need Fedora mans for installation of RealPlayer with libstdc++ error, check this link by shift2012

  5. govath says:

    sikandar :

    if you dont have that library you can download through those links or apt-get , yum.

    or click here

    Fedora 6

    Fedora 7

    Also you can use : yum install if you have yum (login as root) or yum install libstdc++-33 or yum install compat-libstdc++-33 or
    sudo apt-get install compat-libstdc++-33

    The real problem as I see it is that the RealPlayer10GOLD.rpm package wasn’t properly created to require the libstdc++ package as a dependency.

  6. Sufi says:

    This is the exact reason why I stick to Microsoft Windows. I click on the program I want to install and then can forget everything except clicks to accept defaults. What do I find when I want to install RealPlayer 10? Well, GOBBLE-DI-GOOK – totally unclear for a non-nerd like me. Till Linux can do better, i’ll not buy any more Linux (bought eee PC – which is otherwise great), There has to be an in-built installer which does things automatically for us simpletons! (

  7. Govath says:


    Download realplayer for linux and then you can go and right click on the icon of the file go properties and make it ‘is executable’ ok an then you can just double click the icon and it will run automatically.


  8. Mwema says:

    I am so grateful for the guide.I just managed to install RealGold 11.bin on Fedora 7 and I can now play back .mp3 files.Once again thanks so much

  9. kienan says:

    why don’t you just get vlc???
    much simpler. plays everything realplayer does and it is so much lighter. from what i understand vlc is also better supported.

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