About Govath Blog:

The purpose of this blog is to help fellow linux users to simply understand useful commands and how to implement them
to have the right results.

Thanks For joining my blog!

Alexandros Theofilou finished Frederick University Cyprus with bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Alexandros is the IT Outsourcing Engineer of SOFTimpact Ltd in Cyprus. For over 10 years of experience in a large and complex computing environments. Specialist on multiple operating systems and platforms supporting enterprise-wide or large scale advanced computing. Applies significant professional experience and training in IT to the most complex assignments requiring installation of operating system software, systems programming and modification of operating systems, performance analysis, database maintenance and management, security administration, and management of data storage.

Working linux is his hobby and trying to spread some knowledge through this blog.

Also please find Portofolio for Web sites & Web Designs that developed using CMS systems.

Who to contact me:

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Alex,
    Nice blog by the way! I found it when looking how to convert wmv to avi…
    Since you work for Primetel I want to ask you if you can help me figure out about my contract.
    The issue is that I recently lost my job so I have to move with my sister, eventually will move out of Cyprus. She already has all the services of internet, phone and tv so I will no longer need them and therefore I want ot cancel my contract. How can I prove this is a bonafide termination of contract? I just don’t want to incur in the fine for not staying the whole year and also I don’t have such money to pay for it before going to hand in my equipment I want to know what is a reasonable way to terminate it and not paying for the remaining months.And if I go without paying, not that I want to, will they really sue me even if I am not in the island?
    Thank you very much! Jess

  2. govath says:

    Hi jess,
    I can only provide you some info that i already know. That if you sign 1 or 2 year contract you have to pay it. also i dont know about “sue” part how they manage this kind of situations.

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